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Agents of Shield S2E8: The Things We Bury

Wow. No really, wow. This exact time last year I was trying to decide whether to keep watching Agents of Shield and now… Wow. Ever since last years game changing events in Captain America: Winter Soldier this show has taken off and not slowed down. Every episode this season has been fun, action packed, and constantly setting up and answering questions. No more filler episodes and dragging the same questions out until we’re sick of them, yes there are overarching plotlines but generally they answer and ask new questions every week now.


This week the team is dealing with the new information that Agent Coulson’s drawings are of a hidden city that could hold some great and terrible power. Add to that some flashbacks to World War II Nazis, along with Agent Peggy Carter (nicely setting up her miniseries starting up soon), as well as a lot more from the Skye’s mysterious father “The Doctor”, played by Kyle Maclachlan with obvious glee.


Just about everyone on the team got their moment to shine in this episode without it feeling overstuffed. We got some great moments from Grant Ward finally confronting his brother, though you’ll still be wondering how much can you believe a confession given under the threat of death. Coulson and Fitz get a confrontation with Skye’s dad where we got the line of the night when Coulson asks The Doctor if the obelisk is as powerful as the tesseract and with the best madman smile “The Doctor” replies “Sure… I don’t know what that is”. Little moments of humor like this have been a welcome surprise this season after season one’s humor fell flat most of the time. We also got to find out who Skye’s mother is and why The Doctor is so angry. The source of his anger and the target of his retribution was still not completely clear by the end of the episode but for the best reason, the writers are allowing things to be a bit murkier this season, not just black and white but shades of grey. I’m still guessing where things are heading and how everything is going to shake out and I love it


Plus for the real Marvel geeks in the audience we got teases to several elements from the comics that all seem to be leading up to the announced Inhumans movie slated for November 2018. Marvel seems to be focusing this season on pointing us in this direction, the alien Kree(featured in Guardians of the Galaxy) humans with hidden potential to be superpowered, and the obelisk all point that direction. Whether they can keep this momentum up without being able to have their big reveal four years from now will be the real test. Unless of course they decide to introduce their new team of superpowered heroes through the show rather than wait for the film to come out. Marvel has shown they have the guts to do the unexpected and that would certainly surprise a lot of people. All I know is in the span of a year this show has gone from dud to must watch and I can’t wait to see where the next year takes us.